At present, you need Linux to run CamBA. CamBA is a self-contained program. However, the following software are assumed to be available and callable from the command line


Without them, the HTML output generation may not be complete. The litmus test to ensure these program is available to CamBA is to do the following:

  1. Open a Terminal Window.
  2. sh
  3. which
  4. If there is no output, either the program is not available, or it cannot be found automatically.

You might have to modify your default PATH variable. This means either add 

 export PATH=:$PATH

to your .bashrc or .profile file in your home directory; OR

 export PATH=:$PATH

to your .cshrcfile in your home directory.

Compiling CamBA C programs from source [No Graphical User Interface]

It is possible to use CamBA without the graphical user interface. The CamBA non-graphical user interface related source code is available in plugins/ directory.

To recompile you will need

  • Numierical Recipes in C (NRC). To stay in complience with our NRC license, we cannot supply you with NRC code. You must recreate the files identified in lib/dnrc/‘slibdnrc_a_SOURCES:libpng installed on your computer.
    1. remove the ‘d’ prefix from the filename to identify the underpinning NRC file.
    2. Recreate this file, then rename all float in that file to double and finally,
    3. Save the file in the same directory, this time reattaching the ‘d’ prefix.
  • Reattach the camba/tests directory. You can download the test directory from CamBA’ project site.